A strong team requires various talents and skills

Efficient and target-orientated work in a good team
Understanding customer needs through a methodical approach
Good product communication requires precise preparation
Working with people on a level playing field: the basis for lasting business relationships
Experience in design and an in-house photographic studio

Where does the logic and clarity of DOCX' documentation come from? From bright minds. Get to know the leading minds at DOCX

DOCX has been working since 1993 as a full-service provider in the field of technical documentation for large, medium and small companies throughout Germany. A reliable network ensures flexibility and manpower. Extensive expertise in design, technology, language and communication, including an ability to consistently adapt to new tasks. The desire to constantly improve and develop. That's what sets DOCX apart.

Anne-Kathrin Goldstein

Anne-Kathrin Goldstein

Dipl. Business Management | Executive Director
Oliver Harm

Oliver Harm

Dipl. Business Management | Executive Director
Michael Westhausser

Michael Westhausser

Dipl. Photographic Designer | Executive Director
Andreas Mergenschröder

Andreas Mergenschröder

Technical Illustrator | Editor

reasons to choose DOCX

  1. Professional documents:
    understandable, legally-compliant, cost-efficient
  2. Comprehensive service:
    Critical thinking, fast responses, attention to detail
  3. Cost-efficiency:
    Modularisation, automation, well thought-through documents, efficient approach
  4. Transparency in terms of cost and services:
    Clear and comprehensible quotations, clear-cut concepts for defining the framework, precise recording of the work provided
  5. Quality standards:
    Quality assurance policy, system of continuous improvement, continuing professional education
  6. Advice:
    Sharing of expert knowledge, expertise and experience
  7. Sustainability:
    Maintenance of long-term business relationships on a level playing field
  8. A view of the overall picture:
    Holistic approach to your technical documentation as an integral part of your value creation chain, critical thinking from the outset
  9. Professional data handling:
    IT security concept, seamless data exchange, customer data rights, non-disclosure agreements
  10. An East-Westphalian down-to-earth approach:
    Honesty, reliability, punctuality


You decide in what areas we may assist you. You can be assured of our understandability, legal compliance and cost-effectiveness.


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